hqdefault-2 CAEV - DUST IT OFF (VIDEO)


“I remember arguing with my boy over how dumb it is for people to die over blocks we don’t own or have any intention of owning. I was verbally gut checked when he turned to me and calmly said, “You gotta respect someone who wakes up EVERYDAY willing to die for something…even if it’s just a block” That day forever changed my outlook on the hood I grew up in and hoods around the world. Because he asked me what am I willing to die for, and back then, besides the generic “mom” answer; not much. And that’s when it hit me, niggas really do live like cowboys in the hood. Outlaws, bandits, stories of revenge and glory on blazing saddles of Honda Accords. Just getting it by any means necessary. Not only did a huge respect grow but also a deep found love for the cowboy lifestyle of the hoods around me. That’s what this video showcases. Not some cute, throw on a cowboy hat bullshit. It’s real. It’s me. It’s my family, friends, my neighborhood. People I’ve done dirt with. People who’ve gotten me outta jams. Real cowboy shit. Not none of that other stuff.”

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PRODUCED: @makaoceania SHOT/EDITED/DIRECTED: @connis02139

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